Underarm Detox

When someone switches from an over the counter deodorant to a natural one there can be many questions in regards to having issues with rashes or odor. That’s where a thing called an underarm detox comes in. Detox your underarms you say? Why do such a thing?
Over the counter deodorants and anti-perspirants contain a large amount of harmful chemicals. It obviously takes something un-natural and man-made to block the body’s natural ability to sweat. (sweating needs to happen)

say no

Harmful Ingredients
These are just a few of the harmful ingredients that you will find on the label of your over the counter deodorants and antiperspirants:
Aluminum– some evidence links aluminum to cancer. Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that keeps you from sweating. It actually clogs your lymph nodes, which is one of the main reasons your body needs an underarm detox.
Phthalates– Endocrine disruptors that can also be found in plastic. They can cause hormone imbalance and even infertility. They have also been shown to cause birth defects. Phthalates are most commonly hidden and found in perfume or “fragrance”.
Propylene glycol– common name: antifreeze. This ingredient is used in MOST personal care products you use. Go ahead check your labels and you will be shocked at how many products have this ingredient.
Formaldehyde– a known carcinogen.
Parabens– Another hormone disruptor.

Reason why
Some reasons you should detox your life and your underarms:
Lymph nodes are located throughout our body and they are a huge part of our immune system. When you put endocrine disrupting chemicals right on top of them it definitely messes up your hormones. The skin is the body’s largest organ and what touches our skin easily and quickly enters our bloodstream in 21 seconds or less. A huge benefit of doing an underarm detox, besides that it helps speed up the natural deodorant adjustment period, is that it might help pull some of these nasty and harmful chemicals out of the skin and lymph nodes. This is necessary after years and years of over the counter use of deodorants and antiperspirants.

Some things you may notice after completing a detox are: (every one experiences different results)
Fewer odors even without wearing any deodorant, no rash when switching to natural deodorant, sweat less which in turn leads you to use less product.

What you need:
• 1 tablespoon bentonite clay
• 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (acv) – I recommend the powdered form.
• 1-2 teaspoons of water (paste like consistency)
• Charcoal soap
• Dry brush
1. Begin by dry brushing your underarms in an upward stroke followed by your other hand. This helps to stimulate the lymph system and increase circulation.
2. Mix the acv, bentonite clay & water in a glass bowl (do not use metal!) with a wooden or non-metal spoon until you get a paste like consistency.
3. Spread in an even layer over the underarms and leave on for 5-20 minutes. Start slowly and work your way up to a longer period of time once you see how your body does with the bentonite and acv. If it hurts at all or stings, remove immediately.
4. There may be some redness in the area afterwards as it will increase blood-flow to the skin, but it will go away quickly.
5. Wash off in the shower or with a warm, wet washcloth and our charcoal bar soap.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 daily or as often as needed until under-arm odor goes away and natural deodorant is non-irritating. We recommend doing the underarm detox during a week where you don’t have to wear any deodorant. Also, note that we do NOT recommend alternating between natural deodorant and over the counter. This will make it so you have to start the detox over and also will make you have more odor.


Many times I get questions about why sweat has an odor and why someone may have yellowing on their clothes.  Sweat is actually odorless and we all perspire at some point, it’s our bodies way of getting rid of toxins. What causes odor and the yellowing of clothing is actually bacteria living on the skin. Our sweat contains a compound called urea which causes the yellowing. The amount of urea your body excretes can vary depending on diet, hormones, medications and many other things. Each persons body is different.

You can find Dirty Girl Farms underarm detox kit here and the shea butter deodorant here.





Recently I received a gift in the mail from a company called QuickZip and I have never in my life been more excited about sheets!  These sheets are not your ordinary bedding.  The crib and twin sizes actually encase the whole mattress, when its time to change the sheet you quickly and easily just unzip the top portion and zip a new one on.  It literally takes 30 seconds or less!  Secretly…I can’t wait to have these on my bed also.  I hate changing sheets and can we not even get started on folding the fitted sheets.  They honestly just end up in a ball inside my closet.  When I pull them out to change the sheets I usually find those missing socks I’ve been looking for stuffed in the corners…come on I know I’m not the only one.


I love that QuickZip is a woman and mama owned business.  Elizabeth Sopher, Caroline Portis and Tammy Buxman are the three genius mamas behind the sheets that save your knuckles and your sanity.  Not only are they easier to change but they are so much safer for your littles than regular sheets.  Regular sheets can pop off the mattress and your child can become entangled within them.  With QuickZip there is zero chance of your baby suffocating in the sheet and maybe just maybe as a new parent that will give you a little piece of mind as your little sleeps.  There are so many other things we as parents have to worry about on a daily basis, don’t you want your child’s bed to be a safe space you don’t have to worry about?


So far this blue sheet I featured in my pictures is my favorite.  Its a super soft and cozy.  Perfect for our soon to be move to Minnesota!

Check out this video that gives you a behind the scenes look on just how easy these sheets are! #getyoursheettogether  You can find QuickZip on Instagram.

The baby care products featured in my pictures can be found at Dirty Girl Farm. These products are just one more way to put your mind at ease, as they are all hand-made and chemical free.  #chemicalfreebaby






Skincare Order


As an Esthetician I often times get asked what my favorite products are or what your skin care steps should look like at home.  I’ve broken it down step by step in this post for you!  Explaining the order of products as well as why we use some of them and I’ve included my go to products.


Makeup remover: PM Take It Off makeup remover is one of my favorites.  This is a cream base so it works amazing for even the driest of faces.


Cleanser: AM&PM  Cleansers remove dirt, oil and makeup buildup from the day.  Turmeric & Neem Facial Soap and Detox Cleanser


Toner: AM&PM after cleansing the skin.  Toners are used to remove any leftover dirt oil or makeup that may be left behind on the skin.  They also help to restore the skins natural pH level.  Many people think this a step they can skip but that is definitely not the case.  Vitamin C Toner and Refreshing Rose Water


Serum: AM&PM applied after toner.  Generally speaking serums have the most potent ingredients in them and that is where you will see the most improvement in your skincare concerns.  That is also why serums are usually the most expensive.  Serums are picked based on your biggest concerns (aging, brightening, acne or sensitivity are just a few examples).  Botox In A Bottle and Age Clear Serum Pads



Eye Cream: AM&PM if you are using an eye serum and an eye cream, the serum goes on underneath the cream.  Caffeine Eye Serum and Wild Violet Eye Cream


Moisturizer: AM&PM this along with the serum should be applied all over the face and décolleté area in upward movements.  Do not pull on or drag the skin downwards as this can break collagen and elastin fibers (what keeps your skin plump).  Some people choose to apply a heavier night cream, your skin and body does the most repair while you are sleeping.  Coffee Facial Lotion


Exfoliant: 2x week after cleansing the skin.  An exfoliant should always be used prior to a mask.  It removes that top layer of skin and allows the mask to get into the pores.  There are 2 types of exfoliants manual (ex: anything with a granule) and chemical (ex: fruit acids, extracts & enzymes).  If you have very active acne all over their face, I do not recommend any type of scrub that has a granule, but instead a chemical exfoliant.  If you have active acne, a granule MAY open blemishes and spread bacteria around the skin.  Coffee Facial Scrub, Turmeric & Neem Facial Scrub (As featured in Yoga Journal ) and Orange Vanilla Facial Scrub



Mask: 2x a week following your exfoliant.  Leave on for 5-20 minutes depending on the mask.  Remove with warm wash cloth or by rinsing in the sink or shower.  Follow with toner, serum, eye cream & moisturizer.  Papaya & Pineapple Exfoliating Mask with the Chlorella Boost and Pearl Powder added in.

With these steps and follow through your well on your way to that beautiful glowing skin you have pictured in your head!



*As an affiliate of Dirty Girl Farm I may receive compensation*



Year One.

So my last post talked about reeling it in a bit when it comes to spending on baby.  This one is all about those few key items I discovered that made our lives a little easier during the first year. First is the Fisher Price Rock N Play, this was the only thing that I could get Colton to sleep in other than on my chest.  I love the fact that it rocks on its own and you can control the speed, plus it has mesh sides so you don’t have to worry about baby rolling over.  Second, is the Skip Hop Pronto! Baby Changing Station.  Once I found this portable changing station, my life was changed forever!  It was so much easier than lugging the huge diaper bag into the bathroom every time he needed a change.  Also, it keeps all of the items you need to easily access together….including space for your wallet and phone.  Seriously, don’t have a child without this item ladies.  Mommys Bliss Gripe Water was honestly a life saver, my husband will tell you the same thing.  It literally got rid of Colton’s hiccups in an instant…like magic!  The last thing I would add to the list is The Antilop High Chair from Ikea.  We only recently just found this, but I wish that I had come across it MUCH sooner.  I would definitely recommend this over any highchair that has cloth or padding.  It is way easier to clean and I love the fact that it has a larger tray than most high chairs. Until next time.



Reel it in Mamas

When you find out you’re pregnant excitement sets in and you go a little crazy…ok A LOT crazy insane even.  You by item after item because of course you’re so thrilled…. plus you have a baby shower, maybe even multiple showers!  You spend countless hours worrying about their room(I did) and getting it ready.  

Stop what you are doing!

 1. You don’t need all that stuff 

2. They don’t give a shit about their room.  Colton legit has never slept one night in it.

There were so many things that I bought before Colton arrived that we never used or never even needed.  When he was born and came home straight up this is what we needed: onesies, wipes, diapers and blankets.  I know each situation is different and every baby is VERY different.   However….REEL yourselves in Mamas! 

 Get out of that black hole they call Target and save some money!   Plus once they get a bit older it’s easier to figure out what kind swings and things they like.  We went through like six swings and chairs before we found one little man would use.✌🏻. Until next time.



Hoppy Easter

This year was Colton’s first Easter where he actually understood what was going on.  It was so much fun to watch his face light up as he searched for the colorful eggs hidden in the grass.  I wanted him to have treats, but nothing too sugary so we used Annie’s Homegrown cheddar bunnies and fruit snacks.  They are better for him and kept with the theme of Easter.  Also, the individual pre-packed snacks are super quick and easy when we are on the run.


When I was younger, my grandparents always put change in our eggs and after the Easter egg hunt we would always fill up our piggy banks.  We wanted to keep this tradition going with Colton.  We have been teaching Colton to “save money” lately so it was perfect.  His piggy bank is actually the same one I used when I was little.


We buy all of this stuff every year for Easter and then are always left wondering what to do with the eggs after.  Check out What’s Up Moms facebook page for a great video on what to do with your left over eggs!

Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite Easter traditions.  Until next time.





Spoil That Mama.

We all know Mother’s day is fast approaching and I wanted to share some of my favorite items made from hard-working mamas.  What better way to help celebrate that special lady in your life (or pamper yourself) than with a gift made by another mama?!  Hello, win win.

»First, is my girl Danielle at Lsquared Jewelry.  I met Danielle on Instagram, she started Lsquared Jewelry herself!  She makes hand-stamped custom pieces.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains…you name it and she makes it.  She has sent me some amazing pieces in the past that are all unique and handmade.  Every time I receive my packages from Danielle, they are neatly wrapped and come with sweet little messages.
17842031_10155982343954046_741555136_nNot only does she come up with some cute and witty sayings for her pieces, but she will work with you and make the perfect piece.  She has been so amazing to work with and we have had a great friendship come out of this partnership!  I am in love with my brand new bracelet as you can see in the pictures.  This “mama needs a mother effing nap”.  True life.


I always anticipate what  her newest piece is going to be and I look at her Instagram often.  Soooo check out her stuff, pick something cute or create your own piece.  Don’t forget to use my code Ava15 for 15% off of your purchase ($10 minimum).


»Next up on my list of mompreneurs is Tory at MamaBirdAndCO.  I am obsessed with her shirts.  She hand prints everything.  Every.  Single.  One.  Tory has great customer service and uses my favorite brand of shirt, Bella!  If you’ve never worn Bella…you my friend are missing out.  They are so soft and comfortable.  Like that old worn t-shirt feel, in your brand new shirt.


MamaBirdAndCo has a shirt out there for every mama.  My favorites are “Namaste the shit out of this day” & “Love your mama♥”.  Tory loves to post pictures of her customers reppin’ her shirts and shows videos of her screen printing on the reg.  Check her out and you can thank me later.

»Last, but not least are my “mom life” sweat pants from Ezra and Eli.  They are so beyond comfortable and cozy.  I could seriously live in these…and get this, they are also Bella brand.  Your welcome.


Enjoy your awesome new goodies and don’t forget to shop local and support small as often as you can.  Until next time.



Cleft Strong

When my son was finally born, after days of labor, I noticed right away something was different about his nose and mouth.  If my brother had not been born with a cleft lip, I may not have really understood what was going on with my son.  I remember yelling repeatedly “is he okay?”, waiting for an answer from the doctor.  Child birth is already a scary thing, once you realize your child will need surgery your heart breaks.  Even though all the doctors tell you “if I had to pick an issue with my child, this is what I would pick” it doesn’t put you at ease.  As a mother, you never want your child to go through any pain.

This post is just to share a little bit about our story and experiences, as this has connected me with a lot of other moms.  Sometimes it is nice to talk to someone who knows what you are going through.  Normally they can tell from ultrasounds if your child has a cleft lip or not, but Colton was rotated the opposite way so his was a total surprise to us!  After he was born, we had to meet with many specialists including a plastic surgeon and dental surgeon.  Colton had to have Nasal Ovular Molding (NAM for you cleft mamas), which was a freaking nightmare, no lie.  The purpose of NAM is to widen and stretch out the skin of the nostril to prepare for surgery.  This involved wearing a mouth piece.  Now, if you think getting a mold taken of your mouth as an adult is uncomfortable….try doing this to a 3 week old.  Not to mention the dental doctor was a real let’s be honest asshole.  It is so important to make sure you find doctors you really like and that you can relate to.


Fast forward to when Colton is 3.5 months old and it’s here…the day I’ve been dreading…the day I’ve been stressing.  Surgery day.  He had his surgery at the Children’s Hospital and his plastic surgeon Dr. Rozzelle was amazing.  Your mind runs wild all of the hours you are sitting there waiting for them to come get you.  Waiting to be able to see your child.  When I first saw him, my heart broke into a million pieces.  His face was bloody and bandaged.  He looked beyond miserable and his arms were tied down. (they have to wear something called no-nos on their arms for 2 weeks after surgery)  The doctor said he did great.  They repaired his lip, re-did his nose and tried to repair the split in his gum.


Now, was healing time.  They kept telling me to nurse him like normal, however it kept splitting his stitches open so we syringe fed him for several days.  It’s times like this when  you know what is best for your child, no one knows what they need more than you.  He had silicone stints in his nose and they needed to stay in for 2 weeks straight!  This is definitely a difficult task with an active little one.  The worst part was having to flush out his nostrils with a long syringe every couple of hours.  He screamed bloody murder every time.  I couldn’t do it, I made my husband.  After 2 weeks the bandages came off and it was such a bittersweet moment.  We had come to love the split in our sons lip or the “cigarette holder” as my husband calls it and that sweet little smile that came along with it.  However, he looked so amazing!  Beyond amazing!  I almost didn’t recognize him, which as a mother is a strange feeling.  I’m not going to lie I totally balled my eyes out.  For 4 months after the surgery, he had to keep the stints taped in his nose.  It got to the point where we just said screw it because he ripped them out of his nose every 5 minutes.  All of his check ups have been great so far.  He still has quite a significant split in his gum, which will require surgery in the future but for now all is well and most people don’t even notice his scar.

I know how scary something like this can be especially if you don’t know anyone who has been through it before.  I thankfully had my mom to talk to, but it has been awesome connecting with other moms on their cleft journey.  I remember one day we were at the mall and some girl was snickering to her boyfriend about Coltons face and his bandages.  I remember being so angry and thinking how dare you talk about a helpless child like that.  Just remember you never know what someone else is going through or how your paths will cross.  Stay strong.  #cleftstrong.  Until next time.




Here are a few items that really helped after Coltons surgery:

Dockatot is where we had Colton sleep at the hospital and at home.  It helped us keep him from rolling over onto his face and it was so easy for us to take anywhere.

LovedBaby is where I got organic cotton side snap onesies.  These were a HUGE help.  This made it so I didn’t have to try to take clothes off over Coltons head.  Life saver for sure.


Nothing anyone says can actually prepare you for your personal journey when you become a Mother.  Each persons journey is different and compiled of their own experiences.  This Sh*t is hard no joke, but totally worth it.  There are more sleepless nights than you can count, tears, laughter, kisses and smiles that melt your heart.  When you become a mother your whole life definitely changes and it is no longer about you.(Which I would hope everyone knows from the get.)

Lets be real motherhood turns you into a straight up mombie.  Topknot lovin, double shot drinkin, leggin wearin mombie.  It happens to the best of us, but you can’t lose yourself along the way.  Remember being you is what made you such a great mama in the first place.  So dig deep ladies, find your tribe and hang on for this wild ride ahead of you.  This will be one of your greatest adventures.  As I sit typing this my wild one is off and running!  Until next time.