Time Saving Hair Tips

As a mom, lets be honest most days my hair ends up in a “mom bun” on top of my head.  Wether I just get out of the shower and put it up wet or have loaded up on dry shampoo (thank you for this life saver).  Over the last Year I’ve discovered a few items that make it possible to actually dry, straighten or even add a little wave to my hair every once in a while.  These items have cut my time in half even with the little man hanging all over me.  As moms or even just in general with the busy lives everyone leads every little time saver helps!

2017-11-03 01.23.27

First, is my Dessata detangling brush.  Honestly I discovered this amazing brush through another Moms instagram stories.  I messaged her to ask for some more details and she said it was a life saver…she wasn’t lying!  Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is thick, curly and a hot hot mess.  I only ever used wide tooth combs because every brush would rip my hair out.  I now use my Dessata every. single. day!  It’s the perfect size and fits right in the palm of your hand and is great for travel.  They come in so many sizes, colors and patterns but I personally have this bright flamingo colored one.  These are also a time saver for those littles ones of yours that get antsy when you are trying to comb through their hair.

Next, is my Revlon one step hair dryer and styler.  Basically, it’s a brush that blows hot hair on your hair like a blow dryer.  Except!  I don’t have to hold a blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other while clipping my hair up in section.  I just brush through my hair and in about 10 minutes…dry straight hair!  I got mine at Target , I mean come on where else would I buy anything.  I’ll be honest at first I was very skeptical because it’s only $30 and I just wasn’t sure if it could hang with my thick hair.  Best purchase ever and I will never use a regular hair dryer again.

The third and fourth items are a bit newer to me, but so far so good and they are both family owned!  The Head Kandy straightening brush looks very similar to my blow dryer, however they have incorporated a tourmaline infused ceramic plate.  Instead of smashing your between two hot plates in a conventional straightener you are simply brushing your hair straight with the Head Kandy.  The last item is my Sleep Styler foam rollers.  I have only used these once and do need a bit more practice, but they offer many tips and youtube videos to help you out.  They are fairly easy to put in your hair and are designed so your hair can be damp and they can be left in over night.  You end up with a very soft wave/curl and didn’t have to spend an hour with a curling iron.  Time saver if I ever did see one.  Plus, a mom bun saver which I know we all need.

Until next time



Here are all of the links in case you missed them:

Sleep Styler

Dessata Brush

Revlon Dryer Brush

Head Kandy Straightening Brush



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