Nothing anyone says can actually prepare you for your personal journey when you become a Mother.  Each persons journey is different and compiled of their own experiences.  This Sh*t is hard no joke, but totally worth it.  There are more sleepless nights than you can count, tears, laughter, kisses and smiles that melt your heart.  When you become a mother your whole life definitely changes and it is no longer about you.(Which I would hope everyone knows from the get.)

Lets be real motherhood turns you into a straight up mombie.  Topknot lovin, double shot drinkin, leggin wearin mombie.  It happens to the best of us, but you can’t lose yourself along the way.  Remember being you is what made you such a great mama in the first place.  So dig deep ladies, find your tribe and hang on for this wild ride ahead of you.  This will be one of your greatest adventures.  As I sit typing this my wild one is off and running!  Until next time.




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